Making our knowledge
your advantage

In accordance with our understanding of the high quality of services offered in airports we are proud to present the TravelersBox kiosk which is part of the Lotan Group Portfolio.


Frequent international travelers will find themselves with unspent local currency in their pockets - estimated at up to ten dollars per traveller per trip.
The well-traveled amongst us can lose out on potentially hundreds of dollars per year.
Instead of ending up in a kitchen jar or lost in a pocket, uncirculated and unused, the TravelersBox Kiosks offers a fantastic and innovative solution.
Why not allow people to transform that money into something they really want?
TravelersBox places their easy to use kiosks at boarding gates, or other areas where waiting passengers can deposit their leftover coins and notes and turn them into virtual products or deposit the total into their E-wallets. Customers can receive: Amazon gift cards, Skype credits; apps from the Apple store; song and media on iTunes; Zynga coins, Facebook currency; Dropbox storage and much more!
It's easy to deposit the left over change to an E-wallet - PayPal; Google wallet; Qiwi, Billeo, uKash, and more!
The kiosk model operates on several business models with the airport operator & is therefore a win: win proposition for all the stake holders.
We will be happy to conduct a conference call during which we can present the benefits of the TravelersBox, or alternatively, we can also conduct a trial at your airport.

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